Important Content writing tips for 2012

In 2011, Google changed its algorithm and emphasized more on the originality of content. But frankly speaking, it does not matter whether it is 2011 or 2012, content is and will always reign supreme. From now on, your content must have the quality to be search engine friendly as well as user friendly. 

A poorly written content can hardly pass the litmus test as set by the revised search engine algorithms. So, the long and short of it is you need quality content for greater online exposure and enhanced business success. Here are some useful tips as to how to write a good content to get noticed by the search engines. 

  •  Your content must be origin. ‘Copy & Paste’ will not work here. Search the internet to information on the subject you have to write. Go through the information and write it in your own language.
  •  The starting paragraph must be concise and reflect what is coming up in the next paragraphs. A very good way to prick the interest of the readers is to start the first paragraph with a question on the topic of the article.
  •  A well organized article interests the readers and encourages them to go through it. You may write the whole article in just one paragraph. But that will kill the clarity. So try to arrange the articles in multiple paragraphs each of which should be preceded by a distinct heading. Once the readers look at the headings, they will easily get to know what you are going to divulge in the next paragraph.
  •  It is not that only the academically inclined and scholars visit internet. The average people form the preponderant majority of the netizens. That is why it is important to use very simple and straightforward languages in your article so that everyone can understand it.
  • Your writing must be informative and authentic. It will not go well with the readers if you provide them with wrong information. It will ultimately leave a bad effect on your website and online business.
  • For more solid write up, give examples having strong relevance with the subject matter. 
  • If your content is about selling of the products, then make sure to mention the tips as to how to make a buy.
  • Include the website url in the article. This is a clever technique to drive the readers to the site offering the products and services you are writing about. It will also help you in creating a positive brand image in the market.
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