Can Any SEO Company Guarantee Top Ranking

I am really sorry to say that many SEO firms make false promises. They guarantee to up your site’s ranking within a few weeks and even days. I want to ascertain in no uncertain term that what they are saying has no legs to stand on. The reality is nobody whether it is a freelancer or a firm can promise top rank. I do not know where on earth they have got the right to talk big and prey on the ignorance of the gullible customers. I want to repeat it more than thousand times these are nothing but unethical practices strictly prohibited by the search engines

Once they come to know about your presence on the World Wide Web, they will just line up to offer their service and gratuitous advice as to how much it is important to do SEO works for your business and brand. Up to this, it is all right! But when they claim to bring your site on the first page or within top 10 ranking, they are just selling hope and hiding reality. They have no authority to do that. The rank of a site depends on multitude of factors including the age of the domain, the nature of competition, relevance of keywords, quality of original content, quality of back links and last but not the least, ever-evolving search engine algorithms. 

From my personal experience as an SEO professional, I have found that most of the site owners are just laymen and they have no hang of how site optimization is done. The SEO companies, I mean most of them, make their clients believe that SEO is just a magic wand to bring an immediate and outstanding result but this way, they only make outlandish promises. These clients are easily duped and end up paying a fortune. You will never see a legitimate SEO company befooling their clients. They put it in simple and straightforward way that they will try their best to bring you result but they never make hollow promises not pertaining to their sphere of control. So, if you ask for my suggestion, I will tell you to stay far away from these frauds. 

To know how you can identify a good and reliable SEO company, please wait for my next post………………….
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