How to Choose an SEO firm (Part I)

From my previous blog you have learned that ‘top rank guarantee’ is only a fake promise made by some SEO companies to drive the clients’ attention. As there are only a few companies doing ethical SEO, so it poses a real challenge for you to locate a good one. Before you hire an SEO company, make sure to shoot it with some essential questions. If you are satisfied with the answers, then only think about finalizing the deal.

  • How long the SEO Company has been in this field? The general rule is that experience adds to excellence. So, a company of years’ of experience in SEO field can be expected to offer good result. 
  • Does the company guarantee ‘top ranking’? If yes, then walk away. No good company makes such hollow promises. The companies can only try their best but can never make such tall claim.
  • Does the company’s website come in the top tier position? If ‘no’, shift your attention to other companies. If it can’t improve its own site’s rank, how can it do the same for your site?
  • Does the company have impressive track record and prove it with client testimonials and references? The leading SEO companies always include their clients’ testimonials along with addresses so that the prospective clients check the information and make a wise decision.
  • Does the SEO company strictly conform to the best practices and stringent no-spam policy of the leading search engines? If no, then never think of hiring its service. If the SEO practices are not in keeping with the latest and best rules as developed by the search engines, your site may be blacklisted forever. Do you want to brace up the risk at the expense of your name and fame?
  • Does the SEO company put much focus on keyword analysis? It is very important to  find out relevant and targeted key phrases for your SEO campaign to be a success.  

To be continued…………….
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