How to Choose an SEO Firm (Part II)

From my previous blog, you have already gathered some useful information as to how to identify a good SEO company. Followings are a few more tips for the readers’ digest:
  • Does the SEO Company understand the difference between ‘ordinary traffic’ and ‘qualified traffic’? Does it optimize site with a view to sale conversion? If the unqualified traffic turn to your site in droves and search for irreverent keywords, then it is less likely to covert search into sale.
  • What does the SEO Company actually do to increase the traffic flow for your site? Does it modify your existing webpage codes? Does it revise or add to existing Meta tags? Does the company follow SEO copywriting and edition in order to make an addition to your web page content? Does the company add new pages or redesign your existing site to make it friendlier with the search engines?
  • Does the company focus on all-page optimization or it just restricts its focus to a few ones?
  • Does your SEO firm give you any hint as to how your site will be monitored and managed? How often monitoring will be done and you will get the result?
  • It is your hard-earned money that you have invested to create your site. And SEO work too won’t come free of cost. Does your SEO Company understand and value your objective of getting higher return on investment?
  • Does your SEO Company have any hang as to what the traffic expect from your website? Uncommon keywords may bring your site to the top-tier position. But the downside is that only a few people search for such obscure keywords and it will not bring much expected ‘sales growth’ for your business.
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