New Global Search Engines from Apple

Doesn’t it sound a teaser headline? I know your pulse and am quite sure this news will titillate your curiosity. And why not when Apple is in the picture? This brand name has enough weight to drive your attention to whatever it is offering. The big giant is all set to shake the IT world with its entry into the field of search engine. On 23rd February, Apple has acquired ‘Chomp’, an app search engine in lieu of $50 million which is quite a handsome figure. At present, Chomp offers both Apple and Android apps. But the big question is how long Android will earn a favor of Chomp which is currently under the sprawling corporate canopy of Apple.

Apple has warned in no uncertain terms that any professional individual or company must not guarantee top placement in the Apple Store charts. Even if you are not directly involved in rank manipulation, hiring the service of someone to do the same on your behalf will face serous consequence and may result into cancellation of Apple Developer Program Membership. This warning short of sounds similar to Google’s warning against the unethical practice of site rank abuse or promise made by the SEO companies regarding site’s rank improvement

The most unique about Chomp is it offers keywords search advertising. It gives Apple a wonderful opportunity of money spinning as the brand gets to earn out of every sale. The option not only benefits Apple in terms of money making but also helps the advertisers and search markets to fit into the bigger picture of what shows the sign of evolutionary development.  One thing is for sure that Chomp lacks in sophistication as far as searching goes. Clearly speaking, it makes little sense to add the ‘apps’ tail to every key phrase. From that angle, Google is much ahead of Chomp.

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