How to Create a Dynamic Profile on LinkedIn (Part I)

LinkedIn is a popular dais for social networking. It integrates some great features but unfortunately it is not easy to make the most of like other social networking platforms (Facebook to name first).  
LinkedIn is a great medium to widen your connections but then its features may seem to be awkward if you not quite familiar with them and first to use it. However, once you get seasoned you will find it quite easy and funny to use them.
For professional promotion of your profile, LinkedIn is much ahead of Facebook and twitter. You need to build up an informative and inviting profile of yours. If it is made to the perfection, then you will surely get more connections from those who are working in the same field.
The wide breadth of connections that you build up with passage of time earn you more connections from the friends as well as unknown professionals working in related or different fields who you have chosen to include into your circuit. Let us now have a look at how to create an engaging profile step by step:-

  • First make as assessment as to whom you want to target and what you have to offer. Stuffing your profile is less likely to stand you apart if you are not quite sure what you profile others on the LinkedIn platform.
  •   Keep your profile brief and to the point. Your profile must reflect who you are and what the area of your specialization is.
  • Add a photo of your to your profile. Your face must be prominent so that other can see it. Background detail in the photos must be kept at minimal best to avert the possible distractions.
  • It is better if you choose ‘Other’ option instead of ‘Blog’ or ‘Company Websites’ when you are required to choose the listing of your profile. Do not forget to give an appropriate title for your profile. Also make it a point to include the keywords in that.
  • Connect your LinkedIn to Twitter provided you are an active user on this social networking site. 
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