How to Avoid Some Common SEO Mistakes

There are some common errors which prevent your site from getting into the focus of the search engines. Knowing the mistakes much beforehand prevents you from committing the same.   

Use of Right Keywords: Your website provides a sneak-peak into your products and services. If you are not using right and relevant keywords then, search engines will simple ignore your site and it will fail to realize your web goals. 

Do not over stuff your website content with keywords. It is not a good SEO practice and may even lead to hamper your current rank in the search result pages. Google treats excessive use of keywords as spamming.

Use of wrong keywords in your site content will bring no effective result. There is no use of selecting the keywords which are rarely searched for. So, do some research on keyword selection so that you can strike the right combination of high and low competition keywords.

Regular Site Monitoring: Your website position in the search engine result pages is not a static one; rather it fluctuates more than frequently. So, make sure to check your site’s rank by inputing every keyword. 

Choose the right & Relevant Title: Your web page title is what comes first into the focus of the search engines. The title must be unique for every page, relevant and of right length. It must also reflect the keywords used in a specific page. Don’t be foolish to use ‘Home’ or ‘Title’ in the tile tags. The search engines list the pages and not your website. 

Give a Proper Description: A perfect description is often found missing or perfectly incorrect in many websites. Your description is what tells Google about your site pages in details. So, it is important to keep the description to that point so that it hits the bull’s eye.

Use Meta Tags: Take care while choosing the Meta tags because they accurately reflect what your page is all about. Also make it sure you do not overdo them. It does not create a professional image of your site. 

Don’t Use Broken Links in Your Site: It is very irritating to click on a link only to find out the page is missing. It does not create professional image of your brand and business. It is the technically perfect website that gets priority to Google. Your site’s ranking will take a nosedive if it contains broken links.
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